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When it comes to nuts such as walnuts , almonds and pistachios , California leads the world production as a region and we are proud  to have an easy access to these commodities we can offer to all our customers worlwide .

For Walnut ,there are 37 varieties of walnuts grown in California. However, four varieties account for over 80 per cent of total production: Chandler, Hartley, Payne and Serr . 

Located in California : a world leader and a major producer of many agricultural commodoties ,  KALI export have access to the best quality growers and packers of dried fruits such as Thompson raisins , golden raisins , dried prunes , medjoul dates , dried figs , dried apricots and other specialties from california rich soil . 

At  KALI export company  , we dont just have access to dried fruits and nuts producers but we can also source a variety of seeds to our customers such as sunflower seeds , pumpkin seeds and flaxseeds  .  

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