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 Your expert in foods export 

At KALI export company , we make shipping food products from America to your country very easy , you don't beleive us ? send us a web inquiry NOW .  

KALI export company is a customer service driven company commited to exporting high quality food products from America to the rest of the globe . Our company makes it easy for both US suppliers and foreign buyers to conduct trade in a simplified and secure manner . At KALI export Company , we understand the challenges of exporting to various countries, that is why we offer an inclusive package that covers labeling  and dating requirements, customs clearance , documentation requirements, bringing products to market and supporting customers to grow the brands we place in their local markets.  

Sea Shipments 

Sea is an economic way to ship large volume of products to any destination . At KALI Export we master shipping food products in both dry and reefer containers 

Air Shipments 

When you need products fast , air is a quick and effective way to preserve integrity of certain highly perishable products such as dairy products and fresh produce . 

Value added services

At KALI Export we dont just ship products but we make sure they comply with all nessecary food regulations and meet labeling and documentation requirements of importing countries .

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